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BT and Telewest come to blows

ZDnet is reporting that Ben Verwaayen the BT CEO and Telewest may not be seeing eye to eye on the way that Oftel has regulated the broadband industry.

Ben Verwaayens comments that broadband is "completely different from dial-up and shouldn't face the same restrictions" is very true, and the big issue will be whether Ofcom when it takes over the regulatory role will understand the difference. Broadband is capable of providing multiple Voice Over IP phone lines, TV and more, and we do not just mean ADSL, there is much potential with cable modems, but very little seems to be happening. With the news that HomeChoice is to embark on LLU, companies like NTL and Telewest may find the cosy franchise system has a gate crasher.

One disappointing bit of news is that Telewest appear to have gone on the record as saying they are not going to be laying new cable, but looking at things like Wi-Fi to increase their footprint.


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