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Is the digital divide part of peoples freedom of choice?

The Guardian both in its print edition and online version has some interesting research on the issues of the digital divide in the UK.

The suggestion is that it is not totally down to people not being aware of the Internet or its options, but in some cases people simply choose not to, like some people in London choose not to own a car at all. One idea that many are likely to identify with is the idea of a proxy user, e.g. parents asking children to find some information on the Internet for them. How many people have relatives who phone up and ask you to look up something for them?

The survey interviewed 2,029 people to come up with its results, what we think would be interesting is for a similar survey to be carried out to look at the issues of broadband take-up in the various regions of the country that have one or more services. Areas like Greater London have had broadband available for three or more years, yet take-up would still appear to low, are factors such as ease of access to an Internet connection at the workplace a big reason for people not getting dial-up or broadband at home?


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