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Linksys releases easy to set-up wireless gaming adaptor

  • Wednesday, September 17, 2003 6:18 PM

Wireless networking is becoming simpler, and one of the big driving factors is the desire from users to be able to use their XBox, PS2 and Gamecubes without running cables from the broadband connection to the consoles.

Linksys has today announced the UK release of its Wireless-B Game Adapter (WGA11B) and Wireless-G Game Adapter (WGA54G) devices. These are designed to allow you to use a gaming console on existing wireless network or by using a pair of them, extend an Ethernet network to the console without cables. The 802.11b unit has an expected street price of £65+VAT, and the 802.11g will be around £99+VAT.

The two units are true driver less units, the wireless set-up is simply done via a push button, though if you are running WEP encryption to keep your wireless network more secure then you will need a computer to setup the WEP encryption. One handy option is that you can store three WEP encryption profiles in the unit, and select which one you want to use. The key advantage of the driver less setup is that people can quickly connect two or more games consoles wirelessly for head to head games.


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