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Easynet launches Exchange Enable scheme

  • Wednesday, September 17, 2003 1:45 PM

Easynet has today launched a scheme called Easynet Exchange Enable (E3). This scheme is designed to measure the level of demand for broadband from public organisations in exchange areas, and when enough points are collected the exchange will be enabled. Full details of the scheme and a helpful guide to how it works can be found here.

The scheme is designed to build on the governments much criticised broadband aggregation scheme. One big concern was that aggregation was going to result in public institutions getting the broadband they want, but SMEs and home users would be left out. If Easynet unbundle an exchange then immediately the Easynet range of LLU products become available, the next step will be for Easynet to start offering consumer broadband - this may happen via the UKOnline brand in the future.

The scheme works by adding up points according to what sort of connection each institution in an area wants to order, ranging from 1 for a basic SOHO type connection to 10 points for a SureStream 8Mbps product. The trigger levels have being set for exchanges around the country and as neighbouring exchanges are enabled, the trigger levels will be dropped by 150, to make life easy a simple map is available that shows the exchanges around the UK and all their trigger levels.

The release of so many thousands of trigger levels is something BT should have done when the demand lead scheme was originally launched, it appears Easynet may have learnt from BTs past mistakes. Hopefully this new scheme will be taken up and made to work, bringing affordable broadband to many areas that to date have simply been ignored.


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