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BT warns providers over manual orders limit on Home 1000 trial

BT Wholesale has informed the ISPs that manual orders on the forthcoming BT IPStream Home 1000 trial will be limited to 50 per provider taking part in the trial.

There is no limit on the number of orders that can be placed by the various electronic gateways that BT Wholesale operate. Manual orders are normally used when a customers order fails to be accepted by the standard order system, for example if the line is out of reach but the ISP and user have good reason to believe this is down to incorrect data from the initial line checker used.

Those who are likely to be affected most are those that apply via the standard electronic system initially, and get rejected, but wish to force more manual checks to be done. For a trial this is possibly understandable, as BTs focus is most likely on getting a large enough sample of users on Home 1000 to ensure that all the systems are running smoothly.


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