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BT Wholesale puts SDSL availability checker online

BT Wholesale with the final launch of its symmetric DSL portfolio has made available a checker that will tell you if your exchange has the service available, and also which speed service you will be able to get. To use the checker and find out more about SDSL from BT visit here.

The checker is an improvement over the standard ADSL checker, as rather than the long woolly phrases of the ADSL checker, it makes use of a simple 'traffic lights' scheme of Red, Amber and Green to denote which speed services you are likely to be able to receive. Adding something as graphically simple as this to the standard ADSL checker would be a great boon to people trying to understand what services they can and cannot receive.

NOTE: Due to its symmetric nature, the results of the SDSL checker will not co-relate directly to the ADSL checker results. It should also be stressed that the results from the online checkers are always subject to survey, therefore there is the risk of both it overestimating your line quality and underestimating it sometimes.


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