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UK fails to make the Top 20 DSL nation league table

  • Wednesday, September 10, 2003 10:46 PM

The UK along with the United States and Russia, currently fail to make the list of Top 20 Nations with regards to the percentage of phone lines that have been converted to DSL. These figures were announced by DSL Forum at the Broadband World Forum in London this Tuesday.

The chart was taken as a snapshot of the state of play on June 30th 2003. South Korea comes out top with close to 30% of lines converted. This figure is made more amazing by the fact that no other country actually makes it above the 20% figure. The twentieth place country is the Netherlands at 5.43%, with estimates of the UK conversion rate running at just under 5%, fortunately with 20,000 activations a week the UK is catching up and is likely to enter the top 20 very soon.

The fact that the United States is missing from the Top 20, gives substance to the fact that this simple measure of coverage should not be taken as a sign of the overall take-up of broadband in any single country. The US has a market where cable modems have to date been the dominate player, and in the UK there are over 1 million cable modem users too, which almost doubles the level of broadband take-up.

ZDNet's Graeme Wearden has more information on DSL Forums survey here.


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