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The right time for powerline broadband?

Powerline broadband (PLC) has undergone a rough pregnancy period and in many ways is on the cusp of birth. The next year to two years will define whether the technology is without any technological barriers, and whether its economics will work in the UK.

Dr Keith MacLean, one of the top voices in the PLC Forum, has had his right to reply on in response to an article by Peter Cochrane in May 2003. Dr MacLean quite rightly acknowledges that the PLC industry has been subject to a lot of hype on both sides, one issue that has arisen on our own forums is that there is very little concrete information available from the various trials, which other than the PR releases generate little concrete information, either for or against.

Whether PLC can offer hope for those people in the truly rural areas is something that many would like an answer to, and we suspect that the answers to this will not be available for some time. ISPReview is planning to interview Dr Keith MacLean in a follow up interview to one they did earlier in 2003.


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