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Bulldog in AllTime 1000 promotion

Bulldog has just announced a new promotion on its AllTime 1000 product that will run until 30th September 2003. AllTime 1000 offers downloads at up-to 1Mbps with a contention ratio of 40:1 for just £29.36 (inc VAT). What makes this offer special is that a free ZyXEL Prestige 630 USB ADSL modem is bundled with the package, and for those who want to use different hardware they will benefit instead from a half price activation fee of £29.36 (inc VAT). The one tie, is that the product carries a 12 month contract.

The AllTime 1000 product range is available to a subset of the 1500 ADSL enabled exchanges, in fact around 450 exchanges offer the product, which should mean around 8 million homes can benefit from the service. The exchanges enabled are in the Greater London, South East England, and Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, and Cambridge areas.

This drive is interesting since we are in the run up to the start of the Home 1000 trial that all exchanges will have access to, and Bulldog themselves have indicated they will be taking part as well, but have not released any pricing. How the Datastream providers cope with the increased competition in the 1Mbps arena will be interesting. The experiences of the cable modem providers show there is a great deal of interest for higher speed services, the question is will that translate to the DSL market also. The biggest question for many is will there be a large enough market that the four or five Datastream providers will be able to grab a large enough market share to make high contention Datastream products a money spinner.


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