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BT Wholesale extended reach pilot to end on 24th September

The extended reach pilot that BT Wholesale are currently running, has been given a firm end date now, September 24th 2003. The new extended reach limits will go live at midday on the 24th, as BT Wholesale has confirmed to service providers that the trial has been a success.

In terms of ordering ADSL, there are no changes at all, the difference is that from the 24th September the availability checkers should update to reflect the change in limits. Any orders before midday on the 24th will be taken according to the current pilot conditions. The people who should gain the most are those people with ISDN2e or Home Highway who are ineligible for the current pilot scheme, and thus have not been able to make use of the existing ISDN to ADSL planned conversion scheme.

The new limits should hopefully make ADSL available to a further 600,000 homes, raising the coverage averaged across all the enabled ADSL exchanges from 94% to 97%. In terms of a crude distance definition, the change from a 55dB line loss figure to a 60dB line loss figure extends the distance that the 500kbps downstream services are available from 5.5km to 6km.


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