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BT buys new xDSL test solution to improve fault identification

BT has purchased a new range of xDSL test equipment from Acterna. The deal is worth £2.8 million pounds to Acterna during 2003-2004, with further hardware being purchased as BTs DSL network grows. The hardware and software package comprises the QT200 Test Head and EMS software in addition to a range of services.

The kit in question has already undergone a three month trial that involved BT, Acterna, United Technology Europe Limited (UTEL), Alcatel and Fujitsu. The new systems will be integrated into the existing BT test systems, and most importantly will be extended to the ISP community which should help ISPs to improve their ability to localise whether the fault is ISP, End User or BT based without the need for booking a BT engineer to visit the end-user.

The full press release is available at Acterna along with information on the various test products that Acterna produce.


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