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News on migration to Home 1000 for old USB 500 users

We have received clarification on the position with regards to consumers migrating from the engineer installed USB 500 product to the new BT IPStream Home 1000 trial that is due to start on October 6th.

The position is not good, at this time no migration path exists, but if things go well a migration path will be created in early October 2003. A limited trial for migration from USB 500 to Home 500 was ran earlier this year, but this highlighted some problems, which will hopefully be resolved soon.

In further news on the Home 1000 trial, we have a growing list of providers who will be taking part, the list can be viewed here. Metronet is the lowest price wise at £27/month, but this is for their Pay As You Go product that will rise to £35/month depending on how much you use it. In terms of traditional ISP product, Pipex is currently the cheapest at £28.95. These prices all include VAT.


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