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Just six Ready for Service dates this week

It seems the summer break has hit BT Wholesale a bit late, just six RFS dates were released this week. It is believed that some of the delays for the those exchanges that have triggered is working out an accurrate RFS date, since many of the exchanges are now to use the subtending system.

Subtending is the system whereby rather than running the back-haul from a new exchange all the way to the nearest Point of Presence (POP), BT simply run it to the nearest enabled ADSL exchange which is cheaper as it will be a lot closer than the POP generally. The bandwidth at the main exchange can be shared by 2 to 4 other exchanges, by taking a data feed from the DSLAM that is installed. This should result in no reduction of the quality of service, since the main exchanges have plenty of bandwidth available for future expansion.

The current situation is that the ADSLguide demand tracker has 963 exchanges with activation dates, and 54 awaiting their RFS dates. The longest waiting exchange at present is Torpoint - though there is a good reason, BT are awaiting on a wayleave order from Crown Estates so that an undersea cable can be installed. Once the wayleave is granted a date will be set.

Exchanges ready for service on 10th December 2003:

Bovingdon Bromborough Brundall Ferndale
Hagley Mottram


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