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Sheringham in North Norfolk gains a wireless service

Another peg in the UK broadband coverage jigsaw has been put in place. Sheringham, Norfolk now has a wireless broadband service from North Norfolk Broadband, as reported by Guy Kewney on his website here.

The company involved plans to expand to Cromer and Holt next, and currently offers a 512kbps symmetrical service for £29.99 a month including VAT, rising to £74.99 for a Business 1000 package.

Though it is worth reading the Acceptable Use Policy document located here. The excessive use clause limits audio/video streaming and conferencing to 12 hours in any 24 hour period. Additionally there are download limits of 30GigaBytes (GB) per month on the Home user user packages. It would appear that if you exceed the limits you will just bump upto the next package.

The issue of fair use of a service is something that will continue until such time as links out to the Internet as a whole are available cheaply to areas like Sheringham that embark on wireless schemes.


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