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BT Wholesale who do they go the extra mile for?

After Wednesdays news item, about BT initially rejecting a line, and then carrying out more tests and apparently finding a better copper pair for an end-user, but subsequently connecting the user to the wrong ISP, we have decided to take a further look at this issue.

The issue we are interested in is looking at which service providers people have managed to receive ADSL with after initially failing the line tests, where BT has appeared to do more than what is normally expected. For example an engineer has been sent out and they have found a better route for your line, or perhaps replaced the last few metres of cable to the house. To keep things nice and simple we just want to hear from people who have had a wires-only installation where you normally would not see a BT engineer.

If you fit this bill then email us at [email protected] including "Extra Mile" in the subject with a short description of your experience. We will not pass on any specific information to BT Wholesale, but what we hope to do is see if a pattern develops. In other words do some service providers appear to get preferential treatment.

ADSLGuide believes that customers from all service providers should be treated equally, and that consumers deserve a reasonable shot at getting an ADSL service. In other words we do not want BT to stop helping out in the odd case where someone manages to get through to someone helpful, but rather develop a standard system for helping the end-user and putting an end to the telephone ping pong that currently happens.


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