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Fancy MP3s and pictures through your television?

Linksys has released the WMA11B Wireless-B Media Adapter onto the UK market at a retail price of £160+VAT.

This device will connect to your local network via Ethernet or 802.11b Wi-Fi. Then you simply connect it to a Hi-Fi or television and it allows you to play MP3s/WMA files back on these devices. It will also allow you to view slideshows of images stored on a networked computer, with things being controlled by a simple remote control.

While it is possible to do this now, by connecting a PC to your entertainment system, this wireless device overcomes much of the problems with this scenario, e.g. cables across the lounge and the noise of a PC constantly running. Devices like this represent the convergence and blurring of traditional media and networked based devices in the home. What will be interesting is to see how the product develops, will we perhaps see a 54G version that supports video playback?


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