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LTT Wireless going live in Edenbridge

At last after some delays with getting the cabling installed for the back-haul, Edenbridge has its wireless service from LTT. People who have registered for the service are now being sent order forms to fill in and return.

The service is priced competitively with a simple 512/256kbps service starting at £14.95, this includes a single email address. Moving up-to a 5 POP3 mailbox account and 100MB of webspace increases the price to £25 with the added bonus of 512kbps symmetric bandwidth. Since the service is wireless a site survey is done before customers are charged, and it appears initially that those living in Edenbridge will benefit first from the service.

Lets hope that this project will help to spur other local areas into action, particularly where the traditional companies have avoided them. Edenbridge along with other projects running around the UK show that communities can get one over the older and slower to react telecos.


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