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BT Openworld business ADSL pricing nibbled at...

BT Openworld has stunned the ADSL market place by announcing up-to a 20% price cut for its Business 500/1000/2000 PLUS range. This is after a range of price cuts by BT Wholesale in April 2003.

The price changes are Business 500 Plus down from £79.99 to £65, Business 1000 Plus drops from £119.99 to £100, and Business 2000 Plus drops from £149.99 to £130 a month. All these figures exclude VAT and take effect from 1st September 2003. Given that the Wholesale prices are £18, £28 and £38 respectively, there is unlikely to be any margin squeeze complaints levied against BT Openworld in this case.

Jerry Thompson, director, Business Broadband at BT Openworld says the following "We're cutting the cost of our broadband services to boost broadband take-up across the SME community. The price reductions, combined with improved service quality and better customer care, confirm our position as the ISP of choice for SMEs - not just in terms of market share but also our reputation as a trusted provider."

Whilst any price cut has to be welcomed I am sure many SMEs will actually be looking at these new prices and measuring up the actual value of the "improved service quality". The main attraction with BT Openworld is that the engineer assisted install is still available free until 30th September.


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