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BT announces Home1000 Trial

It's been in the pipeline for some time and it's now coming to you--BT Wholesale has announced a trial of a 1Mbps consumer ADSL product entitled "IPStream Home1000". It was inevitable that BT would have to increase its IPStream offering as more and more users were flocking to the reduced price Office2000, DataStream and LLU services. The trial is expected to start on 6 October after BT's internal trial phase is completed in a month's time.

The good news is that it will be possible to upgrade from an IPStream Home500 to the new product (and back if you so desire) however BT point out that the Home1000 package is not rate-adaptive so users on the extremes of getting broadband may not be able to upgrade if their line quality is not adequate. The trial is open to all BT customers (the ISPs) with no limits on the number of customers placed by BT, although users may wish to note that service providers may only offer limited spaces. The usual £50 installation fee applies for new lines and regrades from Home500 are £35. The wholesale cost of monthly line rental is £23 (all excluding VAT).

We will look forward to the day when BT offers seamless Home-to-Office product migrations, and I for one would upgrade without hesitation save for the inconvenience that can sometimes be caused during this upgrade. On this note, the upgrade path for Home1000 is very welcome [seb]


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