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Datanet introduces product to help small businesses

Small businesses often find installing routers on their network difficult because they have no on-site IT support personnel. Obviously, this is a niche market for resellers who can offer on-site installation, but ISP Datanet is now offering a service which includes pre-configuration of a router so that it is suitable for connection without any further setup required by the customer. A few business-focused ISPs have been offering similar services and shipping out routers with login details already set up, but Datanet have gone one further by ensuring that it is fits within the customer's existing network (an engineer will call the customer and configure the router appropriately) and does not only rely on their machines being set to run off DHCP or private IP space. Datanet combined this with a low cost of entry of only £39 for all their products with 1,000 free routers available so small businesses can avoid large up front costs. More information here. [seb]


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