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Combined PSTN/ADSL pilot emerges from BT Wholesale

One of the major problems for customers with new phone lines, or looking to return to BT from a cable provider has been the time to wait for a line to be installed and then the subsequent wait for ADSL to be activated. BT Wholesale has announced to service providers a new pilot called 'Simultaneous PSTN/ADSL Delivery' that should address this issue.

This pilot which is due to start on 29th August will allow users to order a new PSTN line and ADSL line at the same time. The combined order is taken by the service provider. This pilot will be available to all those ISPs who wish to take part, though we envisage that ISPs may be slow to publicise this pilot until they have tried it out on a test line to ensure they understand the precise mechanism.

The pilot will comprise of two stages, initially only people ordering a 'wires-only' service will be able to apply. At a later date phase two will allow people wanting an engineer assisted install product to use the pilot.

It is not clear what will happen if the PSTN line turns out to not be suitable for ADSL, BT will only accept orders that the postcode checker indicates are able to get ADSL, which will filter out most potential failures. As more information emerges we will endeavour to pass it on.


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