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Focus on patchwork of coverage in USA has an interesting news article that if you changed a few place names could easily be describing rural broadband roll-out in the UK.

There is much talk of Development Agencies and various funds providing money to rural areas, that to date have not attracted the commercial roll-out outfits. Unfortunately as you read on it actually eclipses anything happening in the UK.

Ever heard of Muni-"do-it yourselfers", this is a phrase referring to local communities and municipal authorities who are going the DIY route, and rolling out their own networks in competition or in advance of the old guard. In many cases this means that FTTH (Fibre To The Home) is being deployed for real - forget trials, this is real out there now stuff.

There are places in the UK, like Anglesey (Wales) that are rolling out wireless networks to initially link all council premises, but very little at this time for the average person at home who wants their own broadband Internet connection. What is frustrating many people over UK broadband is that we seem to be heading into a cul-de-sac, where 512kbps is the standard for the next ten to fifteen years. Getting a basic level of broadband access to a wide area of the population is worth while, but if the next generation services are not out in the real world in the next year the UK will be back to where it was in 1999.


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