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Latest Oftel publications on broadband

Oftel has updated its two main documents that summarise the state of the UK broadband market place. The two documents are the Internet and Broadband Brief and the DSL Factsheet.

The figures that are of interest to the statistics junkies out there are that as of the end of July 2003, BT had 1,507 ADSL enabled exchanges and LLU services now has 166 physical location facilities and 58 distant co-location facilities. A table showing the various broadband technology take-ups is shown below:

Total broadband take-up as of July 2003

over 2,334,500

DSL Total over 1,180,00
BT Wholesale nearly 1,170,000
Kingston 10,000
Cable modem Total 1,140,000
NTL 794,000
Telewest 346,000
Fixed Wireless Access 2,500
Satellite Over 5,500
LLU 6,500
Number of new connections a week 30,000
% all UK households with broadband 9%
% UK Internet homes using broadband 20%


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