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Winchester Powerline trial finally starts

Scottish and Southern Energy PLC has issued a press release announcing the first trial-list is to be connected on 20th August in the Powerline broadband trial in Winchester.

The fact that the first user is only just getting connected explains the relative silence in terms of feedback from the trial. Powerline broadband (PLC) uses the electricity network to carry the broadband data signal between a consumers premises and the local electricity substation where it will be lifted off onto a backbone.

PLC has attracted a lot of attention in our forums, this is mainly because it is an emerging technology but there are concerns over the effect it may have on the other uses of the frequency spectrum it uses. The concern is that the frequency and power of signal used will radiate out of the mains cables and produce interference to services already using that part of the frequency spectrum. Maybe now that the UK trials have started more facts will start to appear in the public domain.

If PLC proves successful and does not cause problems to other users of the frequency spectrum it may represent another option to get broadband around the UK.


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