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BT Wholesale service regrade news

BT Wholesale has a number of service regrade/migration pilots going on, and this is the latest update on their progress.

The speed regrade service on BT IPStream Office products should go live after 3rd September 2003 at a cost of £35+VAT for each regrade. Service providers should see it as an option on their electronic ordering system after this date.

Unfortunately it would appear that the Engineer Assisted installs to wires-only migration pilot has hit some problems. The launch of this option will be delayed until later in 2003, the pilot will temporarily halt on 31st August 2003. No date on when that pilot will recommence is forthcoming at this time.

Migration is something that BT Wholesale has appeared to be unprepared for, both technically and in the ordering systems used. Lets hope it is not too long before migration between the various BT Wholesale products becomes a smooth process. Though there is the additional problem of service providers who refuse to even support those migration schemes that do exist, one that often gets mentioned by users is Freeserve who appear to force users to totally cease their service even if outside any minimum contract period.


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