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Top 10 Fastest Broadband ISPs for July 2003

Each month seems to flow quickly as I get used to the late nights of going through speed test results every thirty or so days. The ISP detection system is reducing the number of results which need looking into, but we still get users insisting they use a random ADSL ISP when they are in fact U.S. cable broadband users. Once we look at the different error types, we will consider how to help avoid errors which take time to process. We welcome tests from anyone, but please only submit your result if your are sure of your ISP, especially if it is not automatically detected.

With the new detection system in place, we have also increased the minimum number of results from 150 to 300 to improve the accuracy of the top 10, although this did not affect the table this month. We re-evaluate this each month.

As always, please remember that these results measure only the 512 Kbps product and small service providers may be excluded on the grounds they do not have enough tests to provide a meaningful comparison. Also, this speed tester only measures speed from end users' ADSL connections to ADSLguide so should be used in conjunction with other criteria such as ratings and comments from friends and colleagues. It follows that ISPs with a greater number of results should be considered more accurate than those with fewer.






1 Eclipse Internet 457.2 Kbps 240.8 Kbps 2280
2 Nildram 453.0 Kbps 235.7 Kbps 2347
3 PIPEX Internet Limited 443.3 Kbps 238.4 Kbps 4537
4 PlusNet 441.8 Kbps 234.8 Kbps 1633
5 Zen Internet 441.7 Kbps 226.0 Kbps 2323
6 Freedom 2 Surf PLC 439.5 Kbps 233.5 Kbps 718
7 BT Broadband 436.5 Kbps 228.8 Kbps 2465
8 BTOpenworld 435.6 Kbps 226.5 Kbps 4977
9 435.4 Kbps 234.5 Kbps 1213
10 Demon 433.5 Kbps 225.7 Kbps 819

Yet again, Eclipse is still in the number one position, challenging Nildram for a long term place at the top slot. The Eclipse speed has risen by 4.4 Kbps to 457.2 Kbps. Pipex is the strongest climber from ninth position (431.1 Kbps) to third (at 443.3 Kbps). Similarly, BTOpenworld is making a re-appearance in the top ten group having dropped off two months ago. Virgin Net and Clara both dropped significantly with the latter falling off the top ten as the speeds necessary to get onto the top ten rise.

We would like to ask ISPs who have not yet contacted us to provide their IP address blocks to e-mail [email protected]. This is now a listing requirement and we may de-list providers who do not provide this to us.

To view a list of previous months results, click here. [seb]


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