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Latest ADSLGuide poll results

The latest ADSLGuide poll looked at several aspects of the future roll-out of ADSL in the United Kingdom. We received 6,887 votes and 48.8% of people wanted the ADSL 512kbps service to get rolled out to 90% of households, currently this is around 71% of households. Interestingly 32.7% want a BT Wholesale 2Mbps 50:1 service, which suggests perhaps that the DataStream 2Mbps market has a future, since IPStream Home 1000 is only about to enter trial stages and there are no signs of a Home 2000 product.

The results would seem obvious in some ways, but when you look at the results of previous polls which shows that around 60% of our readership already have ADSL it is more surprising. This appears to show that even among people who have ADSL that there is still a concern over the widespread availability of ADSL and Broadband in the UK.

BT Wholesale is currently saying that if all exchanges with trigger levels meet their demand targets that coverage should reach 90%, but this still leaves around 3 million phonelines on exchanges without ADSL, and there are still significantly sized towns that are considered unviable by BT and worse still exchanges like Sutterton with 310 registrations of interest and no trigger level. There are calls from several quarters for BT Wholesale to assess all the remaining exchanges (around 3000) and issue appropriate trigger levels and update these as costs slowly come down. We would agree that this will at least let people assess how far away ADSL is, and let other broadband providers and RDAs act accordingly.

Which would you rather happen first?


Availability of ADSL 512kbps service to 90% of households.

 3,362 (48.8%)

BT Wholesale to launch 2Mbps 50:1 service at all existing ADSL enabled exchanges.

 2,254 (32.7%)

BT Wholesale to start rollout of a 4Mbps service.

 1,010 (14.7%)

Dont care, happy with current situation.

 261 (3.8%)

A total of 6,887 votes have been recorded.


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