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Ray of hope for TPON areas

BT Wholesale has released to service providers the first of what will hopefully be regular updates on the availability of copper circuits for customers who want ADSL, but to date have not been able to get it due to the TPON fibre optic phone network in their locality.

Since June 2003, the online checkers have said to people in TPON areas they may be able to get ADSL (an amber result), but the vast majority of orders were rejected (in fact we are not aware of one succeeding). Now with the published list of TPON areas and copper availability dates that we have published here it will be possible for people to time their new orders accordingly.

The schedule shows areas like Arnold (Notts) where copper is available, and provides dates for when it is expected that other areas will have copper available. In some cases the dates are not firm, and therefore subject to change, generally a reason is given e.g. possible delay due to traffic sensitive area.

The ordering process is just as normal, i.e. order from your chosen service provider. BT Wholesale should pass the order onto their own planning department who will check the current situation in an area, and either reject the line if all the copper has being used, or is not yet in place. For the lucky people where the copper is available and short enough to work with ADSL the line will get provisioned and the normal feedback channels via the ISP will be used. There are a couple of warnings, in some areas there may not be enough copper available to meet demand and occasionally a change of telephone number may be required.


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