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BT to review engineering work notifications

It is believed that BT Wholesale are in the process of reviewing what engineering work is informed to service providers and what is not. This comes after an outage across a wide range of ISPs between 1am and 6am on Saturday 26th July. In theory users should have only lost connection for 10 minutes, but alas after the outage the old problem of 'stale' sessions stopping people from re-authenticating occurred.

The outage on Saturday was apparently down to 'Emergency Planned Engineering Works' (PEW) that had been booked for 5th/7th August but it was brought forward for reasons unknown. Apparently as the original PEW indicated that it would not affect customers, no notices were sent out.

The debate inside BT is whether all planned engineering work on the Broadband network should now be notified to service providers. Certainly it would help providers manage situations, and also improve consumer/business relations as it may allow people time to plan things like overnight backups. Occurrences like last Saturday, while a minor inconvenience to many, are the sort of thing that keep SME's away from ADSL which is still viewed by many as unreliable, even though the reliability has come on leaps and bounds since the early days of 2000.


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