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Migration to Datastream services to be piloted

BT Wholesale has today informed service providers that a new pilot is due to start at the end of July that will allow BT IPstream users to convert to the BT Datastream services without the need for a lengthy cease/provide cycle.

The Datastream market is growing rapidly and offers users the chance of 1Mbps or 2Mbps ADSL at the sort of price home users want to pay. One thing that is holding back many people who already have ADSL from converting is the length of time it takes to move between the two products. The pilot is intended to get this gap down to less than one day.

The cost of migration during the pilot will be £50+VAT, i.e. the standard BT Datastream activation fee, but BT is hopeful that once the automated systems are fully in place a lower price may be charged.

Obviously as service providers have only just found out about the pilot, it will be a few days before providers selling the Datastream services (e.g. Bulldog, Demon, Internet Central, Nildram, Tiscali and others) are able to give helpful answers on their participation in the pilot.


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