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100% Broadband Coverage for Northern Ireland

At least that is what The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment in Northern Ireland is aiming for in the next three years. The full story is on The Register.

This is interesting as they claim 52% coverage for broadband now, compared to the UK average of 70%, which is contrary to claims often made by the Satellite Broadband industry that 100% of the UK is covered. So one assumes the 52% excludes Satellite based access. What is very interesting is that Anne Conaty from the DETI says they are unconcerned over the finer details of how the 100% is reached and are considering wireless, satellite and fixed-wireless on an equal footing. The only proviso is that a 512kbps or faster service is available. In which case one can stretch the point that Satellite Broadband meets the target now, just not at the price many people want.

A tendering process is underway which apparently has attracted over 40 interested parties, the deadline is August 22nd. We await news of how the tenders go, and what actually happens and what sort of timescales are involved.


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