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BT Wholesale release new and improved checker

One of the annoying problems with BT to date when ordering ADSL from your ISP, is that changes to the line can take upto 42 days to be reflected in the ADSL checkers.

BT Wholesale in Version 6 of the checker are now saying that any new phone line, renumber or imported number that is entered into the system one day, will be providing the correct Red, amber or green result for the ADSL checker the next day. It will also update much faster with regard to ceased lines as well.

There is a warning though, there are various versions of checker in use, and only Version 6 supports this rapid updating. To try and ensure that service providers do update to the latest and greatest versions, BT is slowly turning off the previous versions. In the meantime if you are not sure what version a service provider is using visit and use the BT Wholesale line checker system.


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