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2Mbps ADSL breaks the £30 barrier

BulldogDSL are running a special offer until 31st August 2003 which means you can have their PrimeTime 2000 ADSL service for £29.36 a month including VAT. This offer is intended to mark the announcement that the number of exchanges they are offering their Datastream based services from has risen to around 450, and most notably they are moving out of the South East, with exchanges in the Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester areas.

PrimeTime 2000 is a slightly unusual in that the service only provides the peak speeds between 6pm and 8am, otherwise it runs as a 512kbps service. For users who are at work during the day it is ideal, since when you want the speed it is available.

It is ironic that in the week BT Wholesale has criticised providers for retailing ADSL products with high markups that the £30 barrier should be broken. In fact the Bulldog service is now cheaper than BT Openworld and Freeserves basic 512kbps services. The BT Wholesale comments in the main appear to be aimed at the business sector since it is here that many providers have yet to pass on their cost savings. It is ironic that DataStream which is pushing down the cost of higher speed consumer ADSL, is currently under investigation due to BT Wholesale not reducing the pricing of the backhaul which makes up a large share of the cost. The cost for a basic DSLAM port is around £9 per month from BT Wholesale when used with BT Datastream, the provider then has to add the backhaul costs which will vary according to the chosen contention ratio.


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