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BT Wholesale MTU problems coming to an end

The ongoing problem that has plagued BTs Broadband IP platform for many months now is coming to an end. The end of July 2003 is the current target date for all the work to have finished and therefore the default MTU value in MS operating systems should stop causing fragmentation across the broadband IP platform.

The solution is fairly simple and that is to increase the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) across the BT Wholesale network, the problem has being getting this done for all the different systems involved. The last round of upgrades started on 8th July and are ongoing still, this means that between the hours of midnight and 7am there is the risk that your connection may fail for a while as the upgrades are done. The worst case scenario should be a 2 hour outage over night.

Once this work is finished the effects should be two fold, a reduction in fragmentation which will help throughput across the network and a reduction in CPU load on various devices across the network. Some service providers who have control of their BT Centrals have being running fixes for this problem already, so it will be interesting to see what affect the changes have. One would expect the massed market providers to see the most significant improvement, the smaller ISPs with more time to spend per user have invariably ensured their helpdesks are aware of the issue when people complain of speed issues.


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