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Faster and cheaper, 2Mbps ADSL for £37.49

It appears that there is a new holder of the crown for the cheapest 1Mbps and 2Mbps ADSL service in the UK, Fast24. They are due to go live on August 12th with their new ADSL service, the pricing is 512kbps @ £22.50, 1Mbps @ £27.50 and 2Mbps @ £37.49 per month (all prices include VAT).

These prices (except for 512kbps service) represent roughly a £5/month saving over other providers. The contention ratio is 50:1 which suggests the Fast24 service will be another BT Datastream with In-Span Handover (ISH) service. One attractive feature of the service is that for people who order in July, the activation fee will be half price at just £29.38.

As with all special offers we would advise people to look around, and check the various terms and conditions, for example Fast24 support costs 50 pence per minute. One thing to watch out for is that the Datastream ISH services are generally limited to a subset of the enabled BT ADSL exchanges, there appears to be no mention of this on the Fast24 site, but they may be prepared to provide the service at any exchange.

What is interesting is that there are providers now selling a 1Mbps service for less than the big ISPs sell their 512kbps services. Many critics of ADSL will point out that 1Mbps and 2Mbps services are only available to around 60% of households on an enabled exchange. There is a solution though, and the big question is how long before BT Wholesale start to deploy it, VDSL.


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