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Results of ADSL hardware poll.

Our latest poll asking people to categorise what type of ADSL hardware they use drew in 5665 votes in total, the results are shown below:

What type of ADSL hardware do you use?


Ethernet ADSL router

 2,910 (51.4%)

USB ADSL modem

 1,653 (29.2%)

Wireless ADSL router

 604 (10.7%)

PCI ADSL modem

 498 (8.8%)

A total of 5,665 votes have been recorded.

The results are interesting since they show that over 50% of the respondents use an Ethernet ADSL router, if you add Wireless routers to this figure it is over 60%. This suggests that either ADSLGuide attracts people more inclined to use an Ethernet based solution, or service providers are not providing a much wanted service to a large section of the market. Namely, most providers only support the lowest common denominator which is a USB ADSL modem, but it would appear that many people want to opt for different hardware. Probably the largest driver in the market is the desire to share a connection between two or more PCs, or as the number of people with wireless hardware shows, the desire to be free from a network cable.

The great sales pitch that makes USB hardware attractive is the title 'plug and play' but alas, while this works for many, there are many issues with different PC setups and these are often difficult to resolve. A lot more PCs sold these days include an Ethernet network card compared to two years ago, and there is the growing problem of people wanting their ADSL to connect upto a PlayStation2 or XBox, and the number of USB modems that support operating systems like OS X and Linux is pretty low. It is the time for all ADSL providers to add at least one supported Ethernet ADSL router to their startup package options.


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