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Have you taken the Broadband Challenge?

The Broadband Britain Challenge deadline is rapidly approaching, in fact it is midnight on Friday 11th July 2003. The campaign is looking for people who have championed the use of ADSL, and come up with innovative uses or simply helped people in a local area to make use of ADSL.

This means if you are someone who has tirelessly campaigned for ADSL in the last 12 months and are now enjoying the benefits here is a chance to share how you have done it. Perhaps you are a small business that have managed to grow their business because of broadband. Have a look at the website and put yourself forward.

For once this challenge is a way for those who have devoted their time to helping communities and companies to get some recognition and reward. The challenge is split into twelve regions across the country, and there are seven categories of entrant, education, voluntary, public sector, businesses, large corporations, youth and home users.

Hopefully even those who cannot get broadband at present can get something from this event, since ideas shared are ideas that will grow and flourish.


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