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BT catches summer madness bug with 500 new trigger levels

BT Wholesale has released a further 500 trigger levels for BT exchanges across the UK. It was expected that 400 triggers would be released this summer, so an extra 100 triggers is a pleasant surprise. If the existing exchanges with triggers and these exchanges show the needed demand and are therefore enabled the headline coverage figure for BT ADSL will be 90% of UK households.

The new triggers levels have resulted in 56 exchanges triggering immediately, and these exchanges will just need to the wait the normal one to three weeks to receive their Ready for Service date. The full list of 500 new triggers can be seen in our Announcements forum. The newly released trigger levels vary between 150 and 500 registrations required. The BT Wholesale website and ADSLGuide demand tracker should update with the new trigger levels in the next twenty four hours.

These new trigger levels should allow a lot of local campaigns to work to a definite target now, and make estimates for when they will be able to actually order ADSL. For those who have not received a trigger level yet, and there are many, we will endeavour to determine what the future holds, i.e. are further reviews planned or is now the time to consider alternatives like the rapidly growing community wireless projects around the UK.


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