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Extended Reach Pilot - final details released to providers

BT Wholesale has at the eleventh hour released more information to the various service providers taking part in the pilot. The main highlight is that each service provider taking part will be able to submit up to 100 manual orders on lines that are currently considered RED (i.e. outside limits). For people who have not ordered ADSL before then it is a case of the ISP placing a normal order, and BT Wholesale will simply use the new limits on AMBER orders.

This means that the pilot places should be available for people who really are between the 55dB and 60dB line loss test values. By using the new limits for all the new orders it is believed that around an extra 400 lines a week will be passed for ADSL.

The new limits will be not be apparent in the online checkers, as BT Wholesale is continuing to use the current data for the public checkers, but internally a team will sift through all the amber results and see if they are likely to fall inside the new limits. Effectively this means any ADSL order placed after July 9th will be tested against the new limits once it is submitted to BT Wholesale.

One criticism leveled by people in the forums at BT Wholesale has being how will they measure feedback. To that end, BT has provided a questionnaire for providers to use to obtain feedback from users, of particular note will be the fact that the make/model of ADSL modem used is recorded. There is some anecdotal evidence that suggests the Speed Touch USB ADSL modem performs better on marginal lines than hardware based around other chip-sets, e.g. Conexant.


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