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BT Wholesale working on new products

The rumours have started and ADSLGuide can confirm that a BT IPstream Home 1000 product is under development. It appears likely that more information and possibly a small trial will occur for Home 1000 in August 2003. As yet no firm details so there is no point in chasing service providers yet. Reassuringly it would appear that migrations from Home 500 to Home 1000 will be available from day one.

One other product was reported to be in development earlier this year, but it has being dropped and that was a 256kbps ADSL product. This appears to be because the market demand would be low, though as always BT Wholesale can change its mind if enough of a market place appears to exist.

We find it strange that BT Wholesale appear to be stepping up to only 1Mbps, offering a Home 2000 product at the same time would seem to make a lot of sense. Though this delay in the 2Mbps Home product will mean that BT Datastream (ISH) 2Mbps products will continue to be popular for some time to come.


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