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AOL teams up with NTL to provide broadband service

AOL Broadband is now providing its service over the NTL Cable modem broadband network for £27.99 a month on the NTL 600kbps service. AOL is the first ISP to team up with NTL and offer its package over the NTL broadband service.

AOL is also offering a free ADSL modem for new users on their ADSL service, which combined with the existing free activation offer means that people will just pay their £27.99 fee each month. Interestingly AOL are also offering free migration for people migrating to their service.

This dual broadband service is likely to help the takeup of broadband across the UK, since a great many dial-up users are not worried about the technological aspects of a service. Rather they want to use a brand they are familiar with and they have seen what broadband can offer but are put off by the very 'techie' based nature of many deals. Hopefully this partnership with NTL may see them opening up their network to other providers, or even Telewest doing similar.


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