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Top 10 Fastest Broadband ISPs for June 2003

Yet again a new month starts and the speed test results for the previous month are out. We have implemented a new ISP detection system (thanks Jeremy!) to reduce the amount of time spent auditing the results manually each month although teething troubles meant that we still had to spend the same time checking through various results for errors. As always, please remember that these results measure only the 512 Kbps product and smaller service providers may be excluded on the grounds they do not have enough tests to provide a meaningful comparison. Also, this speed tester only measures speed from end users' ADSL connections to ADSLguide so should be used in conjunction with other criteria such as ratings and comments from friends and colleagues.






1 Eclipse Internet 452.8 Kbps 240.7 Kbps 2183
2 Nildram 449.0 Kbps 235.8 Kbps 2383
3 446.3 Kbps 236.9 Kbps 829
4 PlusNet 435.9 Kbps 235.5 Kbps 1625
5 Vispa Internet Limited 435.5 Kbps 236.2 Kbps 150
6 Zen Internet 435.3 Kbps 231.6 Kbps 2125
7 432.6 Kbps 231.3 Kbps 281
8 BT Broadband 432.5 Kbps 233.6 Kbps 2329
9 PIPEX Internet Limited 431.1 Kbps 238.1 Kbps 4400
10 Freedom 2 Surf PLC 428.9 Kbps 226.8 Kbps 701

Eclipse have still maintained their top position for a third month running with Nildram creeping up closer, only 3.8 Kbps behind them. A significant riser this month has been Virgin Net from its fifth position (434.3 Kbps) to third (446.3 Kbps), whilst BT Broadband has gone down from sixth (434.0 Kbps) to eighth position at 432.5 Kbps. Vispa and are making a debut on the top-10 of the speed test having achieved the necessary number of tests and speed, although cutting it quite close in Vispa's case. Of the ISPs not quite making it into the top 10, Demon was in 11th position at 426.6 Kbps (220.2 Kbps upstream) and BT Openworld was in 12th position at 414.7 Kbps (225.2 Kbps upstream).

We were hoping to provide the results from more service providers, but we have not been able to verify the data in time. ISPs who have not yet provided us with their IP ranges should contact [email protected] as soon as possible as this will become mandatory in the near future and failure to do so may result in removal of your entry under our updated listing policy.

ISPs with a greater number of speed test results should be considered to be a more accurate representation of network performance. Do remember that speed is not everything--We would suggest users use our ISP Comparator which considers other factors such as reliability and customer service and to take advantage of our forums as well. To view a list of previous months results, click here.

More analysis to come... :) [seb]


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