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Powerline broadband comes to Stonehaven

The Press and Journal reports that the first two customers are online via Powerline broadband (PLC) in Stonehaven, Scotland. These two triallists are part of the commercial trials in Stonehaven and Winchester which are being run by Scottish Hydro-Electric.

Scottish Hydro-Electric are hoping to have several hundred triallists by the end of the year. This will have two effects, since it will allow the company to asses how well the technology scales, and also whether any underlying interference fears will come to fruition. Over the last few weeks there has been a lot of discussion in our forums over whether PLC should be allowed to be deployed due to potential interference with other users of the radio frequency spectrum. The previous trials in Crieff and Campbeltown were aimed more at testing whether the service would work at all.

The basic speed of the service is 1Mbps and at just £29.99 a month is competitively priced. Similar prices for ADSL are starting to appear, but if the PLC trials go well and a national roll-out of PLC is started, the pressure will be BT Wholesale to get affordable Home 1000 and Home 2000 options onto the market place.


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