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WRBB to deliver its wireless service 30th September

WRBB held a public meeting in Uppingham (Rutland) last night and apparently the go live date for the 802.11b/g service is 30th September.

The service is initially going to provide wireless broadband to the North and West of Peterborough. Their hope is that within 3 months of this POP running that further points of presence will be established in Uppingham, South Witham, Elton, Bourne, Stamford, Bottesford, Scalford and Bingham. It is hoped that many of these POPs will be running before then, but things like planning permission are very open ended timescale wise. Local partners who participate in the service by providing local support services will receive 5% of the data volume revenue from the area, and people who help to bring the service to an area initially will receive 2.5%.

The basic entry service plan is £10/month which includes 1GB of traffic (1.4p for each extra MB), rising to £44 for the power user with a 64GB monthly limit. Also it appears that they are going to run pay-as-you go accounts which will prove useful to visitors in one of the coverage areas.


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