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BT Wholesale start new range of regrade pilots

On July 1st BT Wholesale started a couple of new pilot schemes. These new schemes are intended to make migrating between different products in the BT Wholesale range possible. The two schemes are 'Speed Regrades on BT IPStream Office' and 'Like for Like regrades'.

The speed regrading on the office range is different to the earlier pilot, in that now you can migrate from an engineer installed product (e.g. BT IPStream S500) to a wires-only product (e.g. BT IPStream Office 2000).

Like for like regrades are designed to allow you to move between engineer installed products and wires-only products, in other words from BT IPStream 500 to BT IPStream Home 500. Unfortunately no sign of the Home to Office or Datastream regrade option yet, which many people are waiting for.

As always there is a cost involved. The normal migration fee is £35 (£41.12 inc VAT), but for each ISP that is taking part in the pilot their first 50 orders will be free, so this may be passed onto users.

It is important to remember that if regrading from an engineer installed service to a wires-only service, that the original hardware supplied belongs to BT Wholesale, therefore it may be collected. Two methods of collection exist, either by collection in which case an appointment will be made, or by returning the hardware in a supplied jiffy bag. The ADSL faceplate on like for like regrades is left in situ, which will avoid the need for microfilters.


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