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BT Openworld and BT Broadband price promotion

BT Openworld in conjunction with BT Retail's BT Broadband product are running a special offer worth between £28 and £260 depending on which product you buy. The offer is one months ADSL free on the consumer ranges, and free installation/activation on the business products.

The consumer range already benefits from free activation and to encourage people to sign up online, their are giving a further £10 discount for online orders. It should be remembered though that other service providers are offering ADSL at much lower monthly rates than BT's retail offerings now, so it will pay to shop around and check ISPs websites for offers and work out the total cost over say, a year or two.

The offer to business users seems attractive, as an engineer assisted install costs £260, but this is tempered by the prices on the BT Openworld site, which list Business 500 Plus at £79.99 a month, and this product has a wholesale price of just £20/month. This suggests that BT Openworld has not passed on the price cuts made some time ago, though the press release does suggest price reductions are in the pipeline.


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