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Latest BT Wholesale demand tracker glitch over

The BT Wholesale demand tracker site at yesterday marked a large number of exchanges as unviable, and even wiped lots of registrations off some exchanges. Fortunately this appears to have being fixed around midday 1st July, with the data being restored to their correct values.

The cause of this glitch is unknown, but the checker has undergone one of its periodic make-overs that happen every couple of months. So for those that have not given up hope after what looked like very bad news yesterday, keep on building the demand in your area.

There is no precise news on when the 400 new trigger levels are to be released this summer, rumours of the next two weeks are flying around, but these are just rumours. For those on exchanges that have triggered and are awaiting a 'Ready For Service' date, no news yet for this weeks batch, we will endeavor to publish the list as soon as we have a copy.


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