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TPON to ADSL, time to hurry up and wait

Some more snippets of news for those in areas that have a telephone or ISDN line that is provisioned via the TPON fibre-optic system. BT Wholesale has managed to successfully process a number of test orders in TPON areas, though no mention is made of whether this has resulted in some users managing to get ADSL who previously could not. The downside is that BT Wholesale is wanting to carry on with testing its ordering systems for a bit longer, but they do expect to be able to handle real orders in July 2003 - no precise date yet.

The much talked about installation of copper to bypass the fibre part of the network, and therefore allow ADSL services to work looks like it will be an ongoing affair, the copper rollout is described as a 12 month process, so many people are set for a long wait. A little more information on how things will work is available now though.

Phone lines served by TPON are now showing up as AMBER (i.e. you maybe able to get ADSL) in the online checkers, which will mean once orders are being accepted that the checks will be done by the drawing office who will manually assess the ability to migrate a person onto a copper line. The move across to a copper line will be subject to the copper being in reach as far as ADSL is concerned, and the actual availability of copper cabling in the area. The result of this means, that there will still be some people who may not get ADSL even with the added copper rollout.

The crucial pieces of information are still unavailable to both the public and services providers - that is the document detailing which TPON areas are going to get additional copper cabling and most importantly when! Therefore the best advice for people who know they have a TPON line is to wait until there is further news in July, any orders you place now are likely to be a waste of yours and service providers time.


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