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Service providers taking part in extended reach pilot

In an effort to ensure people will know which ISPs are taking part in BT's new Extended Reach pilot, we are looking for names of providers who are actively going to submit manual orders. Those ISPs who contact us will be listed in a news article which will be published during the next few days.

To add yourselves to the list, email [email protected] and include PILOT in the subject. If customers will need to contact the ISP in a non-standard manner, ensure this is detailed in the email.

We are also interested in hearing from users who try to contact ISPs but are told the provider is not taking part, or perhaps worse, not heard of the pilot.

Update: Tuesday 11:45am, we are pleased to say a long list of ISPs have contacted us, and we will try to get a list of everyone into our news late afternoon/early evening.


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