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More details on BT Wholesale Extended Reach Pilot

More information was released to service providers earlier today about the pilot that is due to commence on July 9th. The pilot is investigating the performance of telephone lines that test between 55dB and 60dB with respect to measured line loss. Such lines are currently are considered outside the limits for RADSL. A small trial of just 100 lines with BT staff was carried out successfully, the 1000 line pilot should ensure that when the service is fully released any issues are fully understood.

The bad news for some is that the pilot is not available to people converting from ISDN2 or BT Highway. For everyone else two types of order exist:

For those who applied for ADSL and failed previously
This is considered to be an application from a known RED line, and service providers must submit orders for the pilot via the manual system. The order is then considered for the pilot and if accepted the provider is notified and the order will go ahead as normal. Providers cannot submit orders for the trial until after 9th July, but will be able to hold lists themselves and submit these after July 9th.

New orders, i.e. those who have not ordered ADSL before.
These orders are submitted as normal, via the ECO and XML systems that BT Wholesale uses. On receipt of an order, the new planning rules are applied to ensure a higher proportion of AMBER lines are progressed to GREEN and provided as orders. If any known RED orders are submitted via this method, they will be rejected as normal. These new rules will be in effect after 9th July.

The trial only affects people who are ordering one of the following services

  • BT IPStream Home 500 Wires only
  • BT IPStream 500 Engineer assisted
  • BT IPStream Office 500 Wires only
  • BT IPStream S 500 Engineer assisted
  • BT DataStream Home 500
  • BT DataStream Office 500

The RED and AMBER designations apply to a traffic light system used by BT Wholesale at each stage of the line testing. At any stage a GREEN result will mean the line is enabled, an AMBER result means more testing needs to be done, and a RED result means a rejection.

If the trial is successful, BT are expecting to announce the final rollout date in early September. It is not totally clear if the 1000 pilot trial places are just for those submitted by manual ordering, or whether it will include those submitted via the standard ordering process as well.

NOTE: Do not attempt to contact BT Wholesale over the pilot, all applications must be via a participating service provider. Each service provider has the opportunity to take part and submit orders, due to the manual ordering required some ISPs may decide to not take part.


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